Natural. Precious. And simply good.

Flexible and dynamic to boot.

We aim to fulfil our customers’ desires in the best possible way. Short decision-making processes help to guarantee fast response times and even faster results.

Committed to our customers’ trust.

As one of the largest direct sales companies in Switzerland, our company sees dialogue as a vital part of customer service. We know that our inner workings must reflect our outward appearance – and this makes it even more satisfying that each person who works at Nahrin stands behind our products. The result is mutual appreciation, trust and willingness to work towards a common goal: meeting our customers’ every need.

Sustainability is a lifestyle.

Trust in Nahrin means trust in sustainability. We see the high standard of our products as a small part of a larger whole, because at Nahrin quality can be found everywhere: in the way we support our staff, in our membership of different organisations, and in our interaction with the environment and our natural resources. This attitude is also reflected in our pioneering role in CO2-free production.

Naturally innovative.

It is only logical that we support out biggest ‘partner’. After all, nature is our most important ingredient, which we use to develop new and exclusive recipes. In doing so, we stay ahead of the curve thanks to our own research and development team.

Nahrin gets better and better.

You can only make progress by using your achievements as a springboard for success. And this means always setting yourself new challenges. We take this to heart by conducting meticulous quality inspections at our own laboratories, lovingly combining ingredients, carefully optimising our products and cooking up innovative new ideas.