Growth granted by strong roots.

What began in 1954 as a small family company in Sarnen (canton of Obwalen) in Switzerland has today grown into a global enterprise. Back then, fine kitchen products were developed, manufactured and sold door-to-door, directly to the public. At first, Nahrin products were only sold locally, but soon their reputation spread throughout Switzerland. In 1973, with no successor in the family, the owner looked for a possible buyer. Ulrich Jüstrich, then owner of Fa. Just and the grandfather of the current owners, stepped forward.

The future of Nahrin was assured, and over the next few years a great deal was invested into this newly acquired subsidiary. In 1987, new premises were opened in Sarnen to provide modern, efficient and high-quality production. Even then – and this was seen as pioneering at the time – Nahrin opted for new geothermal heating and cooling technology, which meant that Nahrin was already carbon-neutral at that time.

The company’s product range steadily expanded and was increasingly supplemented with speciality health products. Today, the Nahrin range still contains products that have hardly changed since the 1970s and 80s. And yet, these products still meet the requirements of today’s customers looking for a modern, healthy diet.

In 2002, Nahrin separated from its sister company and has since been successfully managed by three siblings from the Jüstrich family. The steady expansion of its export market since the beginning of the 1990s meant that the headquarters in Sarnen needed to be extended once more. In 2005, a new ultra-modern building opened its doors, boasting a fully automated high bay warehouse connected to every floor – a facility that meets the highest environmental and hygiene standards.

The family that owns Nahrin has been associated with healthy, natural body care for decades. Motivated by its desire to rededicate itself to the guiding principle of ‘healthy both inside and out’, the Nahrin Group therefore acquired Alpine Herbs Produkte AG (founded in 1990) in 2007.

To coincide with the move to its newly constructed premises in Berneck – built in accordance with Nahrin’s environmental philosophy – the company changed its name to Jüstrich Cosmetics AG (2010). The key members of staff from the R&D and marketing/sales departments boast several decades of experience in the natural body care sector. With its new production facility, which meets all of today’s strict hygiene and technology requirements, Jüstrich Cosmetics is now able to develop and manufacture products for a global clientele. Constant growth over the last few years prompted a call for further investment, so the production facility has been supplemented by two further production units and a range of new machinery for filling and packaging.

The last ten years have generally been marked by increasingly strict requirements both in terms of food legislation and cosmetics standards. It goes without saying that both companies are ISO and GMP-compliant. Nahrin and Jüstrich Cosmetics remain at the cutting edge of the market and regularly launch new and innovative products. In the majority of countries, we have remained faithful to direct selling. However, we are not averse to moving with the times and we are open to other distribution channels today – always provided that they meet our high quality standards and actively preserve our integrity.

For us, facing fresh challenges is always a pleasure!

Nahrin Sarnen

Nahrin Berneck

Established Swiss family business with a global outlook.

We carefully select our sales partners based on the principle of absolute trust. This is exceptionally important, as our partners are ambassadors who communicate our philosophy and values to the outside world – in over 20 countries around the globe.

Pride in our Swiss heritage.

Swissness from the first inkling of an idea to the finished product. As a genuine Swiss company, we live and breathe the values of our homeland – which is also home to the Nahrin production site, where we employ around 300 people.

  • 1930

    • U. Jüstrich founds the company Just
    • Products: brushes; body care since 1940
  • 1954

    • The Jeangros family founds Nahrin
    • Products: food products
  • 1973

    • Acquisition of Nahrin by the Jüstrich family
  • 1975

    • Development of food supplements
  • 1982

    • Export activities begin
  • 1987

    • New building in Sarnen
  • 1990

    • Contract manufacturing/private labels begin
    • Formation of Alpine Herbs AG
  • 2002

    • The companies Just and Nahrin separate
    • Nahrin moves its export business to Heerbrugg
  • 2005

    • Expansion of the Sarnen site
  • 2007

    • Acquisition of Alpine Herbs AG by the H. Jüstrich family
  • 2010

    • Alpine Herbs AG is renamed Jüstrich Cosmetics AG
    • Jüstrich Cosmetics AG (R&D, production and logistics) moves to a new building in Berneck
    • Nahrin moves its laboratory and export business to the new building in Berneck
  • today

    • All four businesses owned by Michel, Nicole and Jacqueline Jüstrich are committed to producing high-quality products designed to promote health both inside and out in humans and animals