Highlights of our product range


Nahrin only uses selected raw materials and focuses on gentle production processes. This means Nahrin has still what many other food products now lack…

Food supplements

To protect the body, strengthen its defences, and meet your daily needs. All our food supplement products…


The company’s philosophy – ‘healthy both inside and out’ – is the driving force behind the expansion of our product range with face and body care products…

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Natural. Precious. And simply good.

Nahrin is a traditional Swiss company that has spent years meeting its customers’ expectations – and thanks to our ongoing development, we frequently surpass them.

Whether food, food supplements or cosmetic products, respect and appreciation are at the heart of everything we do. Between one person and another. And between people and nature.

Founded on sustainability and wellbeing, Nahrin uses the very best ingredients to promote an indulgent, joyful, healthy lifestyle.